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  1. Hmm I may to mess around with that and see. Its interesting though thanks for letting me know.
  2. Enjoy, and happy zombie killing DxTQVuUnNW0
  3. As many of you know, there are multiple theories on a much larger Easter Egg then just songs and a few Richtofen quotes on the Nuketown zombies map. I agree with those people and compiled a few stark facts hinting at a much larger Easter Egg, I personally haven't discovered it, but with these discoveries and the help of the community we could possibly find something huge! Please leave any thoughts/discussion below that can help us discover this Easter Egg! iVWeYkddFB4
  4. Dang, that sucks. This took so long to make! Is it very helpful?
  5. I hope this helps, and it took a lot of time to record, edit, and commentate. Enjoy usvkdffWlbw
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