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  1. Thank you Edward Richtofen! I'm glad you like it.
  2. Thanks Tankeo! Yeah, that is pretty coincidental! I found the thread and left a comment. Thanks for the welcome, see you around!
  3. "Ray Gun Real Life Replica" video is now finished and posted in the Media section if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  4. Thank you Kill_All_Monkeys! Glad you liked it!
  5. Thank you TacticalInsertion and OstonedshooterO. Looking forward to sharing and exploring the site!
  6. Thanks, I will! Here is a song I made for my Nazi Zombies short film, called "Zombie (Richtofen's Theme)": See you around MyLittleHellhound!
  7. I just joined this forum and wanted to say Hi. Hi. My name is Banks. I'm obviously quite fond of call of duty zombies. I make music, visual fx, motion graphics, etc. Check out my short film in my sig if you want to see some live action nazi zombies. I'm also working on a ray gun prop that I hope to finish and post up soon! See y'all around. Thanks. Bye bye.
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