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  1. Thanks, but on my screen it says I'm in that section. hmm,I think I'm a bit confused (ima noob )
  2. Story is based off of call of duty : world at war's premium map,Verruct. Team one was coming back from Germany , we had won.We decided to kill hem with Radiation.I Swear to god I saw one twitch.My bud Steve was one of the many in a clean up crew.i left on account of purple heart.About 3 months later, the cleanup crew had been found torn apart, something messily ripping their heads off,From the forehead up WITH THEIR HANDS.We cleaned that shit up,I had to stare at my best comrades' lifeless body,once filled with optimistic spirit. We went home,well ... Were GOING home, when a
  3. I wrote this at a kinda late time , now that I've looked over it, it does look a bit bad :lol:
  4. This is really more of a summary of CoDz involving Richtofen (and friends lol story REALLY starts on Der Riese,But then goes backward into Sni no numa Richthofen is testing a teleported with his superior scientist, Dr.Maxis.Theyre testing it on dogs (after one subject is reduced to internal organs.) For whatever reason,maxis' daughter is there.Eventually the teleporter works, but in a dramatic twist,it doesn't!It teleports Dr.Maxis' Daughters' dog! This teleporter uses element 115, electricity that has an effect that makes the affected undead.Richthofen has just locked a man
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