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  1. Looks tome like you've taken a still form the game, changed the colour, put text on top and done half a boarder. For constructive advise id say you need to be a bit more experimental. Try cutting the bear, placing on a transparent background. Now use this as a starting layer. Duplicate it and sharpen for a focal point then the ones under neath you can play about with blurs or smudges for nice effects. Start experimenting with fracs and c4d's. As far as a first effort goes its not bad... but needs a lot more. Keep it up, looking forward to seeing more.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VafpjVmRASg I oppologise, i got it to work from this url.
  3. hi mate, ive recently got into making sigs and there are loads of tutorials out there. This fella knows his stuff and this one should start you off. Im posting you part 1 of 4... the others will be on screen as suggested vids once it ends. Have you got photoshop? YouTube - ‪Adv Sig pt 1‬‎
  4. Cheers Strange bow. Photoshop mate, i only started playing with it this week and im hooked. Im going to be making loads of them, when i get better ill take requests for personal sigs for forum users.
  5. Thoughts on my Zombie sagat sig. Only my second attempt so go easy
  6. Hi forum, Im pete Like the rest here im a zombie killing freak. Im on rounds 30+ on all maps. 40 on moon. im a team player and dont wine the whole game through. im a hardcore xboxer but bought a ps3 last week which im trying to find like minded players to game with. Hit me up. GT PackaPunchPete ... both xbox and ps3. Keep Killin.
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