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  1. i know for a fact player 3 didnt have them , but i know player 2 had them ( hes my son ) i will ask him if he threw one just before or after he pap. but i really dont think he had time . But i will ask him . good idea though on what could have happened thanks.
  2. we were playing 3 player on Moon. we go back to area 51 to pap. I take hacker with me , we had to pap 3 guns. when we get there 2 of run into pap , player 3 doesnt come with us. i hack pap player 2 puts his HK in pap , gates come down and he is automatically teleported outside the cage and his HK stays in pap. has anyone else been randomly teleported outside the cage like that and lose there pap weapon or was this a one time glitch?
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