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  1. I was playing with a friend on Kino who had never played with zombies and he had 42 downs and my 2 other friends had a total of 33 downs. I ended up with 48 revives with my pap ballistic. I had 2 downs, 848 kills, and 48 revives. We got to round 28
  2. yep i did it wasnt all bad i got it for mt b-day so i didnt pay for most of it....and i can get on anytime tomorrow really just add me I dont care what map
  3. yes i would love to play- my GT is MylilpinkPWNY1 (ik lame but its my cousins account) just send me a request i am on quite often. I have gotten to 39,41,43 solo and have gotten to 32 with my buddies and consistently get to 20-25 with the least amount of downs with worst guns. My leaderboards got wiped out so thats why it says i only got to 21
  4. I just got WAW and have only played each map a few times and would really like to play with some guys who are skilled so we can go to high rounds. BTW I am a decent zombie player, I am also up for Blops zombies if anyone is intrested...my Xbox GT is MylilpinkPWNY1 (IK its lame, cousins account) All of my WAW high rounds have been with my friend because I just bought DLC Nacht- 26 (2) Verruckt- 15 (2) Shi No Numa- 20 (2) Der Riese- 27 (2) Kino- 43 solo Five- 30 solo Dead Ops- X Ascenion- 39 solo Call of the Dead- 20 solo Shangri La- 34 solo
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