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  1. Just an idea that has been around for awhile which it isn't my idea. I made a post as just a reminder for everyone.

    You know that Treyarch added peacekeeper submachine gun addition to your selection of guns for multiplayer from a map pack. I am saying that for zombies, there should be WW2 guns pack for zombies. This will possibly be a money maker for treyarch If they did this.

    When you buy the WW2 gun pack, it doesn't replace the guns that are available in the maps. It just adds more guns. If there is a small map that can't put all weapons at once. The map gives you a maximum number of how many weapons that you can have available at all once. Then you can choose which guns that you want it in this game.

    This is just a great idea that has been floating around for awhile, a gun pack for zombies. But I added my ideas to help to understand how it could work. ;)

  2. List of my biggest fears

    1. lot of small maps

    2. No perk cap increase by 2 or more

    3. Classic maps might be not back

    4. Maybe no more WaW guns ever again :(

    5. underpowered weapons

    6. Nova 6 zombies might be back

    7. Maybe more type of enemies like George Romero or astronaut might be back in a different form. I hated them for ruining the gameplay.

    8. No more WWII based zombie maps with WaW guns. :(

  3. Things can just happen when you find any kind of weapons are available in each maps. Can you expect every map to have All fully modern guns?

    For example, what if there is a old abandoned map from any past time era. Would you expect to find futuristic modern guns? no.... You find older weapons.

    [email protected] guns need to be back, I am tired of saying this for almost two years for me already. Treyarch is not going to do anything about it. They just go off to different time period. I believe they won't add World at war guns in zombies ever again. :(

  4. I can just pictured a map, abandoned base. It is so dark but has dim few lights through halls and rooms. The place is all worn out, dirty, bloody, and fill with junk everywhere. You hear creepy ambient sounds or dead silence until when you turn around to see nobody around. A zombie pops up towards to your screen very quickly and loud. That would scare sh*tless to players. Or something more creepier like an Poltergeist attacks you. If you to go buy some more ammo or something similar, then a object on the ground flies towards to your screen and harms you much. That you need to run away from and get scared same time.

    I just can hear players on headset screaming from all that. Aww, that would sound fun and exciting. :D

  5. Why kino map would have wind sock? Kino is abandoned theater from WWII era but with a satellite tower with futuristic equipment on it with wind sock? I don't think this is from kino at all. It doesn't make any sense.

    EDIT 1: But Kino back in WW2 era, It was a demostration of the teleporter to the nazis. But why have a wind sock on the satellite tower on the building?

    Notice the skyline of the picture, I can tell its not from kino. Its like more futuristic building roofs. Because it doesn't have a european taste to it by the roofs shaped like triangular by the windows.

  6. It will not work on player vs player, But ONLY on player vs computer. I already said it. I never said anything THAT would work with player vs player. Which i didn't mentioned before. I don't really care about trolls, they are fools. Because they just want this idea to be overused like MP40 in WaW multiplayer or piss off players with it.

    @Humble Soldier: Why not the clip size? It doesn't really affect the play that much. What you said was just a attachment which it is not good enough. It sounds dull by just adding the attachments. There is no more excitement with it...

    EDIT 1: I am quite surprised that no one mentioned about turning semi autos into full autos or increasing rate of fire.

  7. There is no such thing as cheating in zombies. You know, Its not like player vs player.Its more like player vs computer. But I know it will be overpowered or boring if used max settings. Players just don't use their style creation on how powerful should be. If they just use on Max settings. They don't understand about the game, they will learn the max settings will get boring very quickly, If they did it.

    There was games that have something similar on settings. Like Goldeneye 007 game from N64, you can turn enemies health all the way to 1% and you just kill them by just a single punch. And they had build in cheats like all guns, unlimited ammo, DK mode, or paintball mode.

    But my idea of pack a punch has nothing to do with zombies health, unlimited ammo, or something like god mode would have. It's all about your own creation on pack a punched weapon. Also for zombies, its something like in multiplayer when your team mates have different attachments and camos. Its like that but with zombies and much control on the weapon.

    Zombies is all about Surviving the best as you can and having fun killing hordes of the undead.

  8. I created an idea that you can make the settings on "pack a punched feature menu" before you play zombies. It's a menu that you can customize what your gun would be when it is pack punched, you have to do it on every gun if you want to make any changes then you save it.

    You can increase clip size to any number by your own decision but it is limited by the highest number depending on what weapon is. And You can put 1 to 5 attachments on it. Also increase reserve ammo on any amount up to 1000. You can pick any pack a punched camos like from [email protected], BO, or BO2.

    Make how powerful the gun is on the settings, but there is also limitations on each guns. Increase rate of fire on your pack a punched weapon can be your choice. Even when you have raygun when you pull that trigger the whole clip is gone before your eyes then the horde is gone in bits. That is the max setting on the ray gun for example. :D

    If you are playing live, it can still work but only independently and separately on each players.

    EDIT 1: You able to make it fully auto or change what rounds you want to use on your weapon like dragon's breath , Incendiary rounds, or explosive rounds.

    How do you like my idea about custom pack a punch settings. :)

  9. Do you think flare stick from world at war should be back on BO2? I believe it was quite useful to help your team mates. Flare stick can be just used a temporary blinding wall to enemies to revive your team mates or wait for them to go closer to you easier to get a kill. Flash bomb from BO isn't just right, because it is only lot shorter and Gas mask pro actually takes away the blindness. This can sound not useful to members on this site. I actually just throw flare stick at ends of hallways, middle of area, corners, or doorways. It's like a wall of blindness to enemies.

    Which I know this will never happen and I like just spread the "what if" question on Flare stick from World at War. :)

  10. Snipers need to go out of zombies. I just hate it when you get it from mystery box. Just terrible, i died many times in many solo games when everytime i get the sniper out of the box. It is NOT powerful at all and terrible damage. They should not include in zombies. It doesn't make any sense to have a sniper rifle in zombies survival. Rifles like Kar98k, Springfield, and Arisaka are great in zombies. Because they have good damage, not hard to aim, and no scope!

    As for shottys, Trench gun is the best of all. Double barreled shotgun is just below it. In black ops zombies, shotguns are just so underpowered. Its not fun at all. If the shotguns have more power than BO version and have more point damage due to pellets in shells. It will be great zombie killing weapon. The worst shotgun ever in zombies is HS-10 because it doesn't have enough reserve ammo and why does it have to be dual wield. Dual wield shotguns are not so realistic except for model 1887. Spaz 12, huge problem with the reserve ammo. It is so low amount of ammo when pack a punched.

    Why a smaller increase in clip and reserve ammo in BO than [email protected] when pack a punched? Its terrible, it should be doubled or little more than doubled the amount of original clip and reserve ammo.

  11. Buying pistol off the wall is a good idea but it would be like buying ammo refills on M&S. Or maybe some good strong pistol like i suggested on two powerful revolvers above, would be on wall. The amount of points should be around 1000 to 200 to buy it.

    I remember i played in World at war pc zombies on solo in der riese. I used console cheats, to get all guns. I noticed Walther P38 is powerful for quite a long while. Something like that for semi auto pistols on wall. It has a very good power to kill zombies.

  12. I noticed for awhile there is no any handguns on wall in zombies. There is powerful handguns to kill zombies with. Why not we can have some more handguns and some of it would be on the wall.

    List of handguns:

    Semi-auto pistol:

    *insert name of the gun here*


    *insert name of the gun here*

    As for Revolvers, Why not Taurus "Judge". Which Judge revolver is perfect for zombies, because it uses thinner shotgun shells. Which powerful and deadly to zombies.

    Give ideas what handguns would should be in zombies.

    *EDIT 1*

    Here is some info about Taurus Judge handgun if you want to know about bit.

    Capacity of shells: 5

    Two different ammunitions it takes, .410 bore and .45 Colt *not .45 acp*

    It was introduced around 2006 but i could not find the true date when it first came out.

    A powerful handgun to kill zombies, i like it. :D

    *EDIT 2*

    Behold!, the most powerful production handgun in the world!

    Smith & Wesson Model 500 Magnum!!

    Capacity of rounds: 5

    Caliber: .500 S&W Magnum

    Its Damn powerful than .44 and .357. This gun would last in the game for ever. :lol:

  13. Yes, I do like having machine guns that have Extremely high rate of fire. For example like PPsh or FG-42 with double tap is just so fun. You have plenty of ammo and you shoot insanely high rate of fire with double tap. But it doesn't waste your ammo, it gives a optical illusion makes look like you are wasting your ammo. The exact amount of ammo was to kill zombies but much faster. I am curious to see if do you like having machine guns with high rate of fire in zombies. :)

    P.S. To Dwellers and Mods, Please do not lock this thread i am telling you. I don't have any good threads lately because of there is similar posts are like months old or years old. It's not refreshing at all. And there is no search bar, i can't find it.

  14. Nathan169 is back in action again after a long hiatus on zombies! There has been quite a lot of new members around here. I am just curious what is your game personality favorites in zombies?

    For example as me, I am a big fan of shooting machine guns with extreme high rate of fire with lot of ammo. Like PPsh or FG-42 with double tap. Thats why my avatar has double tap perk bottle, which I am very good at it. The perk isn't waste your ammo, it just gives optical illusion that looks like you wasted ammo. It uses same amount of bullets to kill zombies without double tap but lot faster.

    Another game personality favorite, Blow the shit up zombies with large explosive weapons like MLAW, M&S, Pepperdeck aka Panzershreck, or china lake. But the ultimate favorite explosive weapon i always use is M1 garand with grenade launcher. It is fun to shoot like crazy at large horde of zombies running towards me. :D


  15. If you do research on WW1, you will see more details that what that war was like. I did research a long time ago. But I did know there is more than just trench warfare. There was wars in large grasslands and forests. Some cities in ruins where battles was fought. During 1917 Russian Revolution, Lenin Communist overthrows republic government. And ends battle with germans with treaty. The civil war in Russia lasted from 1918 to 1921.

    It was a fierce civil war between Lenin and few different governments who wanted to rule russia. Of course, why not Treyarch would make a CoD game based on WW1 with Russian revolution and the civil war in russia.

    This would be a big hit since [email protected] I did make a post on WW1, here is the link http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=20453. Check it out, you will see what i did researched on weapons during WW1. There was submachines and Semi auto rifles during WW1 era. ;)

  16. The problem is that modern era CoD games aren't mostly fun and interesting. We are already there you know what i mean? Like the guns and setting in present time. Its not fun to me at most. But if treyarch made CoD game that goes back to WW1 would be very interesting like i posted before in [email protected] section. Like high technology was not around but challenging, fun, and interesting. This is what i mean that treyarch should make another game based on WW2 or WW1 era. I don't care about the modern era. Its not my thing. Unless the game is fair enough for me.

  17. I am just tired of modern era Call of Duty games. Just don't tell me I have to go back and play the previous CoD games. It is just the same thing over and over. I believe treyarch should make another WW2 era game. Like sequel to [email protected] In better graphics, gameplay, and sound. I don't care about the game engine is like 12 years old. It is still good. Something like improved to [email protected] List of things:

    Knife as a equipment

    Lower firepower of MP40, DP-28, and STG44

    Remove Matyrdom perk and Second chance perk

    Improve more realistic sound of gunshot fires and many other things.

    Polished Weapons *like in BO make it look new*

    Allow two attachments without any perks needed

    Allow to pick more ammo up without any perks needed

    Prone Diving *of Course from BO*

    Allow attachments for pistols

    Add more WW2 era guns

    Allow to pick boucing betties up like claymores if you want to move them for only yourself.

    Lower range of bayoents by half.

    Allow more attachments for all guns

    Polish, graphics, and lighting improved much

    More large maps and more WW2 era maps for zombies

    This is all I think of improved World at War sequel. :)

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