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  1. slightly off topic, but you do know his name isnt Yuri Kravcheski right? Well I won't be trusting greasey ass wikipedia anymore . I'm not to upset over the GT but whats the real name?
  2. Shoot sams face with the death machines? Apparently JD2020 said we need to pay attention to the color change. I would like to try some theorys out add me if your interested. Xbox Gamertag-yuri kravcheski
  3. This trailer honestly changed me in a gaming perspective. Before I saw this trailer I mainly played RPG's like Elder scrolls 4 and Fallout 3 which I still play and love them to this day. I did have CoD4 and [email protected] I didn't have live so I wasn't to into them but I remember playing NDU and thinking "Hmm I wonder if their are new maps?". So I hopped on youtube I could barely sit down for a week because I was so umped for Der Riese but when I got my hands on that game it was like that trailer so damn good.That trailer was the root cause I came to this amazing site for answers and I got more than just great answers I got something much better an awesome community. But nowadays these trailers just make me think well it looks ok. Treyarch needs to get their magic back and make some kick ass trailers!
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