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Posts posted by The Red Russian

  1. get this, a small UAV helicopter

    now I know what you're thinking, "they didn't have UAVs back then!"

    well they didn't have explosive RC cars, sentry guns, and portable sam turrets either

    here's how it works, you take it out, and briefely fumble around with some switches and buttons or something, then the motor comes to life and then it leaves your hands and flys around independantly

    it is built using the same ad hoc appearence of the RC car and sentry gun. It has an onboard machine gun that it will use to gun down the zombies, which is it's primary purpose.

    so basically, it is a portable, flying, sentry gun

  2. What if it is called "Aufruf der Toten"? (German for Call of the Dead)

    Or "死者の呼出し"? (Japanese for Call of the Dead)

    Or "Звонок умерших"? (Russian for Call of the Dead)

    Okay... the second two are highly unlikely as most people can't read Russian and Japanese. But still...

    I'm pretty sure that Звонок means phone call

    btw, OMGWTFFUSSR how the hell did you get that sig?!!

  3. yeah, I think that treyarch is trying to steer away from all of these aliens/UFO conspiracies.

    oh, and LUNA is MOON in russian.

    I to support the moon base theory, but when aliens come into play, that just puts me off. It would be more probable to have a soviet moon base, after all, there were 3 N-1 rocket boosters in the loading screen. And I'm sure that there is a select few of you who know what they were designed to do...

  4. he did actually

    if you read in the main menu terminal

    you can actually find out that while Richtofen was based at Der Riese, he actually performed element 115 experiments on people, among them were Takeo, Tank, and Nikolai.

    While others were zombified from exposure to the element, our heros survived long term exposure and even gained strength. At the cost of losing all specific memories

  5. isn't SNN located in japan?

    yes, it's definitely located in japan, the computer terminal proves it.

    why would the Germans move the meteorite from Japan? they already have their own supply. And second, the thing isn't that big, it's even small enough to be put on the bed of a truck and driven out of the facility should that need arise. If the red army found it, big whup, they already posses vast quantities of it from tunguska

  6. Lol, yeah I know you didn't base your theory around Iron Sky, i was joking :D

    It looks like there is substantial evidence for either a nazi moon base, and a soviet moon base. It's just a matter of opinion to which one a person prefers. I personally prefer the soviet version

    heck there might even be an american moon base, if treyarch happens to stumble upon this article :


    I really hope you check out that article, it's the most outlandish thing ever proposed in real life :D

  7. yeah, I found the illuminati MOON messages a while ago, I haven't found the freemason symbol so good find :D

    and to AlphaSnake

    while you do have an interesting theory there(based primarily on iron sky)

    I don't think that a NAZI moon base would fit into the game

    don't get me wrong, I want a moon base map. But nazis?

    Hear me out, it would make more sense to have a Soviet moon base, here is why.

    A soviet moon base would be probable because the Soviet union developed rockets that could visit the moon, these N-1 rockets never got there in real life but lets say they have. Instead of making hundreds of journeys to the moon to build a base, they could have simply sent a single teleporter and used it as a portal for building materials, supplies, and personnel.

    Now they probably would have built it to study and conduct experiments on element 115 as the element is abundant on the moon, since the moon takes the hits of over %80 of the objects heading towards earth.

    In your description the moon base was constructed via flying saucers hauling materials

    I think that Treyarch is trying to deviate from all of these "Nazi UFO" conspiracies and trying to come up with their own thing

    Although, an awesome easter egg idea that I had in mind would be a series of radios that describe a war with a nearby nazi moonbase for the element 115. What do you think?

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