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  1. thnx no problem.. theres always a dove to help another in need :D
  2. Delta's right... Everyone stop asking, so i dont have to And stop posting sh*t, like anon2 We will get the information we need when the right moment comes
  3. Man, cant anyone tell this guy to suck our c*ck ? OMG thank you! my point exactly we DONT CARE Thank you !!! You enter to your control panel, you go to modify your sig, and press img button and put your pics URL and youre done
  4. a bit ?! he is breaking nerves ! I could litteraly shit him if i could :roll:
  5. Oh, btw who can give me brains about that find ? just asking..
  6. Man, cant anyone tell this guy to suck our c*ck ?
  7. I've seen this before and it could be linked to nikolai but on the othe hand, henry or edward may of killed a Russian mans wife (not sure who the Russian would be) and could be taunting/angering him by saying "how's your wife" But still... Deserves any brains ? Just saying..
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