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  1. http://tinychat.com/henrylangham, this is possibly the "meeting place" doves only
  2. The people who questioned henry sicken me Why must you question a mans truth when he spits out words on his last breath? The crows are indefinitely swarming GK MUST NOT PREVAIL Hows your wife? J.
  3. READ befor posting, it says in there that i am still a dove
  4. WE ACCEPT YOU, IF YOU PROMISE NOT TO TURN AGAINST US. CAN YOU PROMISE? My dear friend I am nearly a human, nothing more, nothing less, for that i will always have my doubt BUT i will ALWAYS have my beliefs Hows "YOUR" wife?
  5. My dear friends I have been looked upon as a non believer They decive in what i truly belive in Will you acept me I am not GK I am a dove Hows your wife?
  6. Wow what did i tell you danfuc, see the spamers and gk is in here now.
  7. I can see where your coming from, but truth fully, if you play the same maps over and over again its going to get boring, i thought [email protected] didnt have enough, if treyarch did a great job on all the maps for [email protected] and im sure theyll do the same for BO, if the new ones suck, you can just play the regular ones from [email protected] with new guns :)
  8. ^^ pretty much what he said
  9. yeah where are the vids?
  10. It was a waste of time (whether it be real or not) i kept telling my self this was for call of duty black ops, but the truth i have no idea why i kept goin at it, it was some what fun, yes, but now its kinda stupid i got no sleep because of this, when monday come and i see no package, i WILL know this is fake, until then, there is always that posiblity that is in the back of my head
  11. i higly doubt something like this will ever happen again
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