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    Alright so in our story we have encountered many popular conspiracy theories such as Moon Nazi’s, Hollow Earth, H.A.A.R.P., John F. Kennedy’s assasination, and the Illuminati. It seems, however, that we have always ignored the existence of another well-known one: the conspiracy in which some Nazi fanatics fled to South America from where they planned to re-establish their Third Reich. The conspiracy that told us Hitler’s death was faked, as he was actually among those fled Nazi’s. Now I believe we’ve found proof for this theory in the Aether’s very last map, Tag der Toten. First let’s get into some history. Operation ODESSA was the codename that was given to the Nazi underground escape plan at the end of the Second World War with the aim of facilitating secret escape routes. Most of these routes, often called ‘ratlines’, led to the isolated jungles of South America (notably Brazil and Argentina). The Vatican, in particular, had a large influence on this as they assisted those who wanted to escape Europe during the war: Initially mainly Jews but eventually also Nazi’s, helping them with things such as retrieving new passports. Ironically, by the end of the war, it happened that both Jews and Nazi’s were escaping Europe side by side, without knowing each others origin. An important detail about the ratlines is that conspiracy theorists believe that Die Glocke was either taken by the Soviets during their advance into Nazi-Germany, or the device was succesfully tranferred to South America, where development continued by escaped Nazi scientists. In Parke Teyu Cuare, in the middle of the desolate Argentinian jungles, a series of mysterious buildings and bunkers was discovered. After finding swastikas etched in the walls, as well as German coins dating from 1938-1944 and porcelain marking ‘Made in Germany’, it is believed that this secret project was part of something the Nazi’s were planning post-war. And looking at the size of the network, they were planning something big. Have you never thought this Timeline excerpt is odd? I mean, why would Group 935 still exist? Why would they still develop weapons when the war is over? Where do they get their fund, their money from? Doctor Maxis made Group 935 totally dependant on the government of Nazi-Germany. The fact that Group 935 continues their research is potential proof for ODESSA’s succes and the survival of Nazi fanatics. Before the Red Army reached Berlin, the top-men of Nazi-Germany, along with several Group 935 scientists, have escaped the capital and used the ratlines to reach South America, where they set up new headquarters and continued research to Die Glocke, Element 115 and a way to strike back at the allies and conquer the world. After the war was over, several 935’ers even went back to continue experiments in the Asylum Facility, setting the stage for the map Verruckt. But how about the most important war criminal? How about the conspiracy that the Fuhrer actually survived? August 28th is almost three months after Germany’s capitulation. I’ve checked it, and between Adolf Hitler (who ruled till 1 May, 1945) and Konrad Adenauer (who became West-Germany’s first post-war Chancellor in 1949), there were no official German Chancellors. As Richtofen speaks about the ‘German Chancellor’ in August 1945, I assume he is talking about a very alive Hitler, hidden in Argentina waiting for Group 935’s next absolute ‘Wunderwaffe’. Okay so, Hitler survived, Group 935 thrived in South America, the conspiracies were correct. Why don’t we hear anything about this later in our story? Why so little clues? Even while they survived the war, it seems like it was merely a deferment of the inevitable. The exact reason for the end of Group 935 is debatable, but I believe it has to do with the vanishing of their leader, Doctor Maxis, as well as something Richtofen did. As we know, Richtofen absolutely hated the Nazi’s, as they were the reason Group 935’s intellect was used for war mongering rather than improving human condition. I would find it very Richtofen-ish to send, directly before his planned disappearance, a message to the United States with the exact location of Hitler and his Nazi pals, as well as ‘those who betrayed Group 935’... But who knows, maybe some remnants of the Nazi’s and Group 935 were still lurking in the jungles, waiting for their moment to strike, the very moment the rockets from Griffin Station came down….
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    Whoa, I didn't knew that man. That is absolutely horrible! Reading that wikipedia page it appears they performed things like torture, child abuse and murder. I find it heartbreaking that such people still have continued to live in such ways, and that it appears that indoctrination in modern times can still set men to think and do horrible things that we would declare as things from the past. I know it wont get innocent lives back, but cant the "colony" be sued or something? And be given normal education. 😏 EDIT: Apparently it was Witkowski, the man who mentioned Die Glocke for the first time and pretty much the creator of the 'Die Glocke/Nazi UFO conspiracy', who claimed that the Bell was eventually moved to a South American country governed by a group of Nazi sympathizers.
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    Thank you for this post! This has been a topic that has left me running in circles, chasing my own tail trying to find an explanation. I'm curious if this was Treyarch's intention, or somehow it slipped past, but I think this would be an excellent explanation why Group 935 lasted as long as they did. I quite like this idea... I may be stealing it for something... Anyone interested in this topic should read up on Colonia Dignidad, a colony in Chile created by ex-Nazis who fled Europe. Because of the corruption in Chile there was awful human experimentation on local Chilean children there into the 70s. People like Mengele worked there. The craziest part is that the colony is still around today as a tourist attraction called Villa Baviera. All the ties to the Nazis are hidden, but the people running it are their descendants and they are proud of their ties to their Nazi parents. It's a very bizarre topic.
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    Once famous always famous. Not sure if you remember me, but when I began on this forum a soul under the name Tattoo was a well known community member :)
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    Wow, @RichKiller what you just said might tie this post to Cal's recent theory about the All Knowing Richtofen Loop. The Global Polarization Devices always interested me, both their original as their actual function and purpose. I think what you said about the creators, @RadZakpak, could be very true: Broken Arrow in Shanghai, Group 935 in Angola and survivors in Hanford (though Broken Arrow could have had it's initial influences here as well). Still, there would be a cycle: Richtofen asks those groups to build the Towers there, while in BO2 he also sends Victis to those places. Get what I mean? He could easily make things easier by, I dunno, either send Victis to three places nearby or ask the groups to build the Towers near to each other. So I assume the locations also hold a key to the explanation. One major similarity between the three places is that all are location to a small 115 meteorite impact: in Green Run for example we see the meteor crashed in the outside wall of the bus depot building. The three locations are also all distanced from each other, and I could see activating all would generate a field entirely covering the globe. Lastly, we have the NAVcards, linking all locations. I once had an idea that the three BO2 maps are all in a different time, with three GPD's with NAVcards connecting three timelines, but I presume the Timeline screwed this idea. Connecting the Towers via NAVcards remains to seem crucial in manipulating the Rift. Polarization has to do with manipulating electromagnetic waves. This is what conspiracy theorists believe the HAARP does, causing control over things like the weather and the mind. We earlier discussed about the possibility that the Global Polarization Devices are the Nazi prototype of this (remember the HAARP note in Shi no Numa). That would kinda mean that who controls the Towers, controls the world AS HIS OWN PERSONAL PLAYTHING! Control over the electromagnetic field, over Earth's Aether, over humanity. However the towers are three distinct vessels, different radios. To control them, one needs a central seat, a hub, already linked with the Aether, and this would be the MPD. A broadcast station linked with the three radiotowers, literally broadcasting Richtofen or Maxis' will. The hole in space-time we know as the Rift severed Richtofen's connection, possibly because outside influences came in or simply because it severs electromagnetic signals. When the Towers were set up he could close it and become more powerful that an occupant of the pyramid alone, like Samantha. So that would mean the construction of the Towers was part of Operation Shield, Richtofen's rise to power. He build the first one in Angola (with Nacht as a possible prototype), followed by his demand on the US in Operation Stapler: They'd build at least one second one, but maybe it was his initial plan that Broken Arrow would also contruct the one in Hanford. Or maybe, at the time Richtofen was still in Group 935, he got the Tower at Nacht actually finished and that was his third Tower. Interesting post Rad!

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