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The Wall Slabs

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Activate the eclipse. 12 pannels have appeared on the map, you need to knife each and everyone of them.


They are located:


In the spawning room, left to the Pack-a-Punch staircase




Facing the door right to Quick-Revive




Right in front of the previous one




Facing the door leading to the cart




Right in front of the previous tile




In the room with the cart and Brock and Garry's brick prison, on a wall facing the spawn 




Next to a gong near the minecart




In the power room, at the left of the left power switch




In the room between the waterfall pool and the power generators room, on a wall




On a wall before the small stairs




In the area between the wooden bridge and the mud maze, on the far left when coming from the bridge




In the mud maze, on the right when you are heading to the water slide 




Once done, head back to the minecart located above the area with Brock and Garry's brick prison. You should see a wooden tipi. Destroy it with an explosive. If done correctly, you should have come back to the present.



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