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Kill the Giant Gateworm

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For the final step, three players must be located at or near a train station, and the last should be in the center of the map where three Keepers are surrounding a Giant Gateworm.



Someone at one of the train stations must go into human form and have a goblet ready to transform back into Beast Mode. They must call the train to their location, and immediately return to Beast Mode. The players near the three train stations must shock a box on the top corners of the stations where you would enter the train. They must keep shocking the box so that the rails stay glowing blue.



Quickly, before the train passes through the middle of the map, the central player must zap all three Keepers. If done correctly, as the train passes by the Gateworm will be killed and the final cutscene can begin. You will receive progress towards A Better Tomorrow and a Calling Card.


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