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Build the NAVcard readers

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If you haven't yet, make sure you have built the Navcard readers in Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried. The device requires four components, which can be carried one at the time. So make sure to add a part to the construction site before grabbing another. In Tranzit, it can be build under the Tower in the cornfield between Farm and the Power Plant. The essential parts can be located on multiple locations:


1) The meteorite: In the hole in the wall at Bus Depot, next to Mystery Box spawn.

2) The wooden plank. This one can be found on two possible locations.

  •  In the Tunnel between Bus Depot and Diner, next to the M16 wallbuy.
  • In the lava part of the Powerplant, on a platform beneath the workbench and Tombstone.

3) The radio. This one can be found on two possible locations as well.

  • In the garage by Diner (in the room with the car) on top of a shelf. It must be picked up while jumping. 
  • Inside the Prototype (Nacht der Untoten), located in a cornfield between the Farm and the Powerplant.

4) The electric box. This one can be found on three different possible locations.

  • In Town between the dumpster and the Mystery Box spawn.
  • In the farmhouse, next to the fridge.
  • Next to the busdepot, behind the lavapool.


In Die Rise, the NAVcard reader can be build under the ramp leading to the Tower on the roof with the dragon. The locations of the parts are the following:

  1. The meteorite: In a corner next to two transformers close to the two elevators that go down into the power room and the claymores upstairs.
  2. The wooden plank: Right under the Tower, next to where the Navcard reader has to be build.
  3. The radio: Behind the opening leading downstairs.
  4. The electric box: In the upside down area in the other building. To reach this, go up the ramp and onto the Tower. Now jump to the other building and go to the end of the platform. Here, drop down another level. In that area will be the electrical box, placed in the corner.


In Buried, the NAVcard reader can be build in the room at the mining facility on the surface, right under the spawn room. This room can be accessed by teleporting via the Fountain in the Maze. The locations of the parts are the following:

  1. Meteorite: In the room where the NAVcard reader can be built.
  2. Wooden Plank, Radio, and Electric Box: These three parts are located at the same location. Behind the stables, accessed by either buying the door within the building, or smashing the debris by the B23R with the drunk Big Guy.


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