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New 200 Levels Added

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Blurryface    142

Today we finally got to see a new set of levels come to IW Zombies. Lee Ross made a post on twitter earlier today telling people to get ready to get their grind on. Not long after Brian Bright then tweeted


"New rank cap happening today... 420 anyone?"


Around an hour ago an update for the game appeared and sure enough the new 200 levels are now in the game.


Sliq Killa has already made it to level 420 as XP that you gained sitting at 220 before the new ranks came In carried over and he must be one of the first to make it to that level.


Personally I like the idea of new levels but I would have liked them to do the same as BO3 and set a certain number like 1000 and earn cool selectable icons along the way but I must say they are doing a good job so far.

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