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Rave In The Redwoods Highest Round

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Leave your Highest Round on RiTR below and share your high round tips too!


My Highest Round is 38 so far.

Simply ran a train over on turtle island with my upgraded crossbow and it worked like a charm :)

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44 2 players, use mule munchies and trail blazers, and i recommend using the titan lmg and double crossbow.

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58 Solo if you don't believe I can show you a pic though Skype, PSN, or even text

Get 3 upgraded crossbows of your choice, I used Acid Rain, Trap-o-matic and Benjamin Franklin.

Use Gas gernades bc I died once and it was game over bc a Cluster Gernade that bounced of a Zombie and it killed me

Train on Turtle Island

Perks of your choice I used Tuff Nuff, Up n Atoms(Didn't work bc a friend joined and left), Trail Blazers, Quickies, and Mule Munchies

Use Scoped Dollars and Eagle Eyed and use Scoped Dollars as soon as it's available 

When the Type 2 is available buy it

Save as much money as you can 

The first door you open should be the Mess Hall door on Scene 1 and active the Rewind Challenge to get the Rewind(Everytime you use it you get max ammo) 

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