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Zombies In Spaceland Astrocade Wall Mural

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DaveLo07    172

As most people are aware, there is a large mural on the back wall of the Astrocade, but large portions of it are missing (where the window is) or obscured by arcade machines. There are smaller portions of the mural in various locations around the map, so I have used screen shots to piece those together as best I can to create a complete image.


The only part of the mural that is obscured now is the centre part that contains the Yeti in Polar Peak, and it looks like this portion of the mural also contains the roller coaster cart. I have searched the map high and low and cannot find that other image, am I missing something or has anybody found that portion of the mural elsewhere on the map? Would be nice to have the full mural image, but am also curious as to whether it will give any clues to the potential roller coaster Easter egg.



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Feenix    0

Found this after some searching around the Yeti eye EE.

Exactly what do you think is missing and do you know where it might be? I know an out of map glitch that would get me anywhere on the roller coaster on foot if that helps?

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