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The "easter egg" concept

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The zombie easter egg quest is hardly an easter egg anymore. It is a full on quest-line within the game. I enjoy the addition of it as it gives us something to do other than simply try to survive 50+ round and spend over 3 hours in a match to feel like we've "won".


But let's face it. If this game were to have come out 10-20 years earlier how would any of us solve the obscure easter egg details without youtube? Where I'm going with this is that I think the easter egg/quest line is too obscure for any casual zombies player to get into. For example, try playing Shadows of Evil in a public match with noobs. If there is going to be a full on quest, why not give the player a better idea where to go? The game could still have easter eggs, but the current "easter egg" isn't an easter egg at all.

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