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Theory - Revelations Is The True Origins

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So here's a fun thing to consider. 


We're now in this space where there are all these past maps converging and coalescing. We also see the big Apothicons luanching 115 Meteroites through portals into other parts of the multiverse. 


Theory: Revelations is in fact the true Origins of everything. Whilst Origins was where the story began on earth, the first encounters with Zombies by the Germans and all that, I think that Revelations is the actual Origins of the zombie outbreak. Everything we've been working for, everything we've done, has in fact just been one big long circular paradox to get us to the point where everything starts up again. In essence, we've given the apothicons the perfect environment to be able to infect the areas that all of the maps on Revelations are in their real-universe states. That is, the meteorites that we see in locations such as Shi No Numa and Shangri La are the same meteorites that we see being launched by the Apothicons in the prologue trailer.

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That is interesting but j don't think this is how it started even though it may seem like it because of the Apothicons placing the meteorites. Richthofen and maxis destroyed the teleported and the characters wouldn't start off by meeting dr.monty. But it is an interesting theory nonetheless.

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