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MASM cipher(s) and Samantha's Tea Party

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Both the MASM cipher(s) and Samantha's tea party were found by glitching out of the map in Theater mode. Maybe the tea party wasn't but in order to get a good view of it, someone had to look in by glitching out of the map in Theater mode. If I'm wrong, please let me know. It occurred to me that despite the MASM cipher being on 3 sheets of paper split up into scraps, no one has found any of the scraps to my knowledge which just seems improbable.


What I'm getting at is: Did Treyarch intend for us to break out of the map or did we find stuff before Treyarch wanted us to see it? The MASM cipher scraps are more of what I'm talking about and then the tea party just furthers the idea a bit. Thoughts?

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