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BO3 New Gun/Item Der Eisendrache?

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manlemonde    0

Hello everyone. I think I may have stumbled across a new gun/item Easter egg on Der Eisendrache. It's in the first room where you spawn under the icicle to the left of the gondola. You can only see it when you go back in theatre mode and you can see it through the walls, just like you would a team mate.

Have I found a new gun/item or is this a glitch? Every game you can see it through theater.


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Schrödinger    98

I can't explain it, but it's really your arms, they do everything that you do.
I have already managed to go to the place where the arms are in The Giant just before the host connexion is lost.

I haven't seen in Shadows Of Evil, but I've also went in a place outside of map due to lost host connexion.

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