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Apothicon Servant dialogue

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So I looked through two different games on my theater mode I built the WW in the Waterfront, and the next game was at Footlight, and stumbled upon some dialogue when you build it but for the life of me cannot understand what it is saying... I don't think it was rubbish in anyway must be in a different language.


Few things I noticed when I built it in the Footlight and Waterfront whatever it is saying it sounds the exactly the same for both locations, kind of sounds like it's saying the guns name but cannot tell... I never noticed this before because when you pick it up from the table it makes a noise as you put it on, I actually stumbled upon it going near the table where you build it and switching the camera to free roam and you won't hear the sound as you pick up the gun, just talking.


Perhaps a clue? 

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