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The Giant: Easter Egg "Fly Trap"

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These are the steps required to obtain the Annihilator pistol. There is more to this EE so please fill in the rest as you guys go through it, thanks!


The link below has the youtube guide along with other EE info!


Start with an upgraded weapon (just stick it in the Pack a Punch), aim down through the fence at the :50 in the below guide and you’ll see a few green objects float through the air. These objects will guide you to certain points where you have to track down those items in this order: teleporter ZA (a monkey bomb), teleporter ZB (a teddy bear inside one of the water canisters), and the power switch (turn right and aim for the balconies in the distance where you’ll see something small and shiny). Then proceed to the furnace area where you will find a new weapon waiting for you: the Annihilator pistol.



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