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Grief tournament or Team of serious players for high rounds

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Im looking for a group of people intrested in starting a grief tournament and/or a Team of players looking to go for a highs rounds on all black ops 2 zombies maps. My current solo records are TranZit: 50 Town: 49 Farm: 48 Bus depot: 29 Nuketown: 52 Die rise: 72 MOTD: 53 Buried: 64

You must have all map packs and be at the high end of a knife rank or shotun rank

I am currently Shotgun rank

My Gamertag is XxZeSwEaTxX

U must also be from the UK and speak english as i cannot connect to americans very well sorry

Message me how u found me and add me as a friend on xbox to play with me

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Am interested in entering XBOX 360 Grief Tournament open on Farm. I have at two other gamers that will join for Team Grief. Anyone interested in hosting? GT: samschosenOne

- XbL TeKNiQuEz - Ti22xKrokodyle

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