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The Last Radios

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This is not what Treyarch has planned for nor might it come in the future, but it's just my opinion. Enjoy the end...

INTRO: Things have been so HARD!!! But at least the end is coming. Mommy and Daddy would be so proud of me. The Marine, the Samuri, and the Soviet Union are coming with me.

After we kill Edward and get my power back, we will revive the world. The six Focusing Stones and the DG-2 Wunderwaffe are in our hands now. All we need is the last Focusing Stone...From Edward!

RADIO I: Log 001. Date: October 25th, 1936. There have been casualties. I lost my wife and my partner lost his father. Samantha is all I have left. Richtofen, no one. After we found an old factory, we agreed to rebuild it and name it Der Reise. After we gathered hundreds of scientists, we then called ourselves Group 935.

RADIO II: Log 838. Date: September 4th, 1940. Samantha Maxis, if you can hear me, this means Richtofen has your power and you have everything to kill him. The real reason why I haven't told you why I haven't told you the Moon was because I didn't know this would come. Let me explain what's more powerful than your power. What's really in the Moon. It's not another pyramid...it's the Aether!

RADIO III: Personal Log 1. Date: September 4th, 1940. Samantha, I was instructed by Peter that Richtofen and Schuster are testing Teleportations. I must make sure he doesn't discover the pyramid or the secrets of Aether. Peter, I'm ready.

"But Ludwig, the test subjects died. How can you be sure you will survive?"

Yes Peter. Watch over Samantha for me. [Teleportation] There he is. Richtofen is more curious about...good. He's walking away. Oh shit.

[Pipe fell] "Dr. Schuster? Hello? Dr. Schuster! Look at this. This seems to be some kind of alien writing."

No, he's discovered the pyramid. I must send him to someplace far from this place. [silent Buttons]

"What is that noise?" [Teleportation]

Now that the Aether is safely secret, I will explain to you the Aether. As soon as I can find a faster way to get on the other side of the Moon.

RADIO IIII: Personal Log 2. Date: September 5th, 1940. I made it Samantha. The door to the Aether is right in front of me. [Doors Open] Oh my god. Am I teleported? Impossible! I'm in a mountain in the middle of a most terrific jungle, but I can see the Earth! There's something different, I can see you. I also see Richtofen. Who are those groups? One is searching for something and the other is sneaking up behind Richtofen. What? I see a war of...zombies. I can't be certain what it is anymore. Oh no. Samantha, there is one last thing you can do.

RADIO V: Samantha, there is only one thing you can do to save the Earth and take your power back: Kill Edward. You both must use your powers against each other. I never cared about my health or anybody in this world. I only cared about you. Let Edward win at first. When he's distracted by his fame and glory, use what ever you can to kill him. When this is all over, you are free to live your own life. I love you Samantha Maxis. Good-bye.

SOLO ENDING RADIO: YOU STUPID AMERICANS!!! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!! No matter. It was too slow for Dr. Maxis to figure out that another meteor is coming in 2029. But how do I wait from 1979!? That's exactly fifty years! No matter. I heard that there were going to be zombie fans and soul hunters in there. I can't wait to come out and redo my master plan. No seriously, I can't wait. I can't be dead for fifty years! But you lucky sons of a bitches can wait for one to two years! Damn Damn Damn!!!

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