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  1. "Exploding fire zombies and the light they create" Discussion

    I'm going to look into this. On Live as well as solo, I'm on 360 as well, standard edition Blops 2 disk.
  2. Early round strat?

    Survival on Depot I assume? Well I always like to hunker down in the depot for the first 5 waves (roughly). I do this for ease and comfort of geostrategic positioning. Once you open that door, things get messy and we lose a considerable amount of control over our environment. Within the Depot, there are only 4 windows, one for each player. It's extremely easy to control this area until that door opens. I also like to show up at the box with substantial points to spend on it. Usually I buy the M14, just in case the box decides to be difficult. I too love the camp spot behind the building, but it's not easy unless you have an experienced team. Usually when doing well coordinated sessions of this map, There is a bit of a system to that camp site. First of all you need the proper hardware. There is no speed cola, so camping in a death trap spot with an RPD, probably not your finest hour. ^_^ I prefer an Galil, Mtar, Ray, hell even the H4M3R has improved reload speed over the RPD. If you have a good team, your allies will exercise some common sense and actually develop a routine where at no point in time, is every player reloading. This is the worst case scenario. 4 players in a death trap unloading their ammo with reckless abandon. I actually subscribe to the belief that in order to camp here, you need at least 1 player with an LMG, RPD, H4M3R, anything with a large enough clip to cover your allies whilst thy reload. That is pretty much my strategy on Depot. Always adapt, always have a contingency plan or exit strategy. Positioning is important to me, as I hate training. It's so repetitive and boring, not to mention risky by nature. I am more of a logistics and statistics type player.
  3. "Exploding fire zombies and the light they create" Discussion

    I never really noticed the light effect, at least not in any capacity that would warrant suspicion or extended interest. The Electro Trap is beautiful, but it's a pain in the ass. The reason you don't see most people using it is because it requires a Turbine to power it, making it very clumsy and troublesome to operate, often requiring the assistance of another with a Turbine. The Trap will actually kill zombies almost instantly up to about round 40-50, a sustained power source being the only catch. Back in the day my brother and I would use them to block doorways in order to camp for a minute. We put it in the Bookstore Doorway in the Town area, back by the Olympia. I miss those days, when things like that still had novelty. ^_^ I find most of the Blops 2 gadgets go unused. The Springboard in Buried was one of my favorite. Everyone found it to be useless, but I wouldn't give up on it, lol. Most people are aware of the camp spot in the Saloon. You can go upstairs, and there's this on L-shaped hallway with a dead end, but a hole in the wall where you can drop down back onto the main floor. Well I got this idea... lol. What if we set up the Springboard precisely where we'd land when dropping out of the wall, and in return, it would launch us clear of any zombies crowding the main bar floor. It worked fairly well, wasn't fail proof, but it made that spot a lot more secure, and fun, lol.
  4. Who is The 'Demonic Announcer'?

    WaW came out in 2008, Blops 1 in 2010, Blops 2 in 2012. People are still arguing over this tothis day, because was there was powerful evidence of it being Sam, characters have verbally addressed this entity as Samantha Maxis. So there's still confusion today, lol. Edward Richtofen himself has referred to power-ups as "a gift from Sam."
  5. Mystery Box Talk

    I can't recall these teddy/flash details clearly enough from my past playing to say, but i can say that, right now on live (360) the Teddy is always above the box on Tranzit, always. I have noticed it in the many Tranzit matches I have played since returning, but I do know that I'm not used to it. When I first saw this after coming back I was startled, my first thought drifted to players modding the box, but it's always there. Also I don't have any of the DLC maps yet, none, standard edition Blops 2 disc. I have another theory of my brother's I'd like to throw out there. He is more hardcore than me, by far. He knows the lore and story better, every easter egg of every map, every train route, every trick, glitch, etc. His COD Zombies knowledge puts mine to shame. He insists that the round at which a gun is taken out of the Box, determines its power to a small enough degree that you can't really notice it til much later waves. Myself, I sort of disagree, would need more hard evidence, however, I have noticed this type of effect, or illusion, I don't know what to really call it. I have noticed sometimes that guns will lose headshot power on higher rounds, while on others they maintain. Particularly the RPD. I don't know why, I just notice this on the RPD a lot. When I get it early, I find it gets weak by like round 30, whereas I've gotten RPDs later in sessions (purposely evaluating power) and it sustains into the 50s. HAs anyone heard of this, or felt this sort of anomaly before?
  6. Hanging Up My Galil

    I play Farm once in a blue moon. My biggest issue with mics on Town is that is suggests to me, more-so than anything else, you find the map intense, and that it requires the level of communication (beyond the norm) and strategic planning you'd expect to see on pretty much any non-Green Run map. I can understand just being able to communicate for the odd things here and there, it can be great. Ideally 4 players who know what they are doing shouldn't need mics. Some of the best Town runs I've had were micless from start to finish. My main issue is when people get on the mics and start trying to Quarterback the session. I don't mind if they are being efficient leaders, talking sense, giving good pointers to those who may be struggling a bit or clearly less experienced than others. But when random guys are trying to tell me what to do, telling me I need Jugg as if I didn't already know that, or trying to get everyone huddled in the box alley to waste our points jumping it to the bar... No, lol.
  7. Hanging Up My Galil

    I never had this problem back in the day. Sure there were inexperienced players afoot, but somehow it just wasn't this bad, not even close. These days even the high rank players won't even use a knife during an inst kill. I feel pumped when I see a player interacting with the Tombstone machine, thinking, "Oh my god. He has Tombstone. This could be the game I've been waiting for!!!" It's sad how bad it's really gotten. I don't even need a mic for Town... Who needs a mic for Town? lol It's the easiest map Treyarc ever made... Like EVER. There is no plethora of strategic plays that can be made. It's ALLLLLLLL common sense stuff. The way I look at it, if you feel you need a mic for Town, I'm talking about the general use of one, but feeling like it's a must, I really don't feel that confident going into a session with you. Town is one map I will never need a mic on. The only time I would need a mic, is if there was a player who needs coaching. I can read any situation on that map as it plays out, lol.
  8. The Ultimate Theory

    Oh yes, I do agree. They have made a proper mess of any continuity they were trying to set up. And look, I love high concept stuff, love science fiction, but they just didn't execute a long-term story line properly. I am praying that they correct this someday. I hear a new Game is coming out that is strictly Zombies. I pray to god they straighten out the story line somehow by revisiting these maps and enhancing game play. Less wave survival, more story line, tasking, etc.
  9. Hanging Up My Galil

    So I can't really play Blops 2 Zombies anymore. It's just a nerve racking waste of time. The player base has been reduced to nothing. My average games looks like this: I start with 3 randoms. First Round they fight each other for points. I park by Tombstone to tilt the spawns in my favor and not have to trip over others to steal their kills, breaking the entire purpose and meaning of co-op play (no one knows how to play anymore, lol). I do my thing, I get my points. Normally one guy has left by Round 5, for one of the following reasons: Went down. Didn't get points because they don't understand how spawns work. They didn't get shit from the box because someone broke it on Round 2-3. And then there were 3... By Round 7 I have a MP5 packed and I'm working on my perks. By Round 10 I have a my first 3 perks and tombstone, and I have my Primary weapon. My team mates are lucky if they have Jugg, and are still hauling shit weapons out of a broken box. By Round 13 I am now a Combat Medic. It's my job to look out for and take care of downs. I'm just done... If anyone out there wants to have a real match on 360, please contact me. GamerTag: LocoMofo85 I'm also on GTA 5 if that means anything to you.
  10. Who is The 'Demonic Announcer'?

    It's the same voice.
  11. The Ultimate Theory

    Everything up to Origins takes place in one continuity, or one dimension. I feel like that goes without saying. Just adding Dimension-63 mucks things up in a way that they can never recover from, no matter how much writing magic they throw at this thing, lol. To go so far as to say every game took place in a different dimension, not only does it fracture the entire plot, but just makes a total mess of everything, lol.
  12. The Flesh, The Earth Destruction and the SDC

    Of course, I'm just saying if we're talking canon story line, the zombie outbreaks span multiple countries, and multiple decades. They were popping up everywhere, often without solid explanations as to why or how, and that was pre-nukes, when there was still a thriving human civilization fully equipped with means and manpower. Why is it so hard now, in 2025 to believe the undead inherited the Earth? I'm just saying the need to reach for Virl pods or Element 115 in missles, isn't really required. It's fairly obvious that post-nukes, the undead were able to go unchecked for the most part.
  13. Mystery Box Talk

    Yes, so many hours spent in TranZit back in 2012 & 2013. It was a zombies mode unlike any other we had experienced before. The ability to up and leave an area, having a bus to take us around the map, solving mysteries to reveal hidden secrets like the PaP machine. I mean it was the next generation of COD Zombies. Too bad for now it was a one hit wonder sort of concept, lol. I have been waiting for a certain game for over a decade now. Free Roam style Zombie apocalypse with a GTA flavor to the gameplay in terms of map depth, and free roam logic, use of vehicles, etc. This was as close as I really came to having that. ^_^ I can still recall playing a local game with 3 friends, and while roaming the fog, completely lost from my team, I stumbled into the hunting shack where you can buy the Bowie Knife. That was my first real big TranZit discovery, and it lead me to more exploration, wanting to get out into that fog, lol. Of course that lead to discovering Nacht Der Untoten, probably my fondest Blops 2 Zombies memory, ever. That moment was SO intense and special for a WaW vet to experience.
  14. Point Hoarding Guide

    So I have adapted my co-op strategy since coming back. woj9000 got me thinking about wall guns. My list of tasks in order of priority. Jugg door (if not already open) MP5 Jugg Tap Tomb Pap (MP5) Speed Farm Gun #1 Pap Gun #1 Farm Gun #2 PaP Gun #2 Using the MP5, co-op is just so much easier. I kick ass with any fully automatic weapon, and I use controlled bursts at all times, so I can make the MP5 last, lol. Now the only issue is other players putting thousands of points into the box, not even having a perk set by the time things start to get mildly intense around wave 13. I can't enjoy a round when everyone is struggling. I did a session earlier tonight with a few guys who had solid game, but dry humped the box up and down the map until wave 20 when I died trying to heal a guy in the Jugg stairwell, and the only remaining guy couldn't cope with the situation, tried the Jugg Street Train with PaPd default pistols, I had hope, but he just didn't have the conditioning to hold true to the route and got surrounded.
  15. Who is The 'Demonic Announcer'?

    Yes this is the voice of which I speak, and it goes back to blops 1 even. Any little girl voice you hear is without a doubt Samantha.