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  1. Thequestion marks

    In Der Riese the perks were in the same place, always. Jug was in the trap by the Bouncing Betties. QR was back by Teleporter C. Speed Cola was by the FG(vesper in BO3) mule kick was non-existent. DT was across the bridge, above the Thompson. It was the same each and every game of w@w der Riese. BO1 der Riese was the same, but with Mule Kick added in the Thompson room. On the giant, there are 5 perks, not counting the hidden one. Also.. why only 2 "?" on the BO1 version?
  2. The CoD Zombies Storybook

    He PAP'ed his weapon(Thompson, I think) shortly before throwing the grenade. And as long as you were currently holding the PAP'ed gun, throwing a grenade worked the same as shooting it.
  3. Thequestion marks

    World at War Der Riese had 4(One near Juggernog, one by the Double-barrel shotgun, one near Quick Revive[by teleporter C], and one in the zombie-spawn window across from the Trench Gun). Black Ops Der Riese had 2(one by the double-barrel/sawed-off, one near location of Quick Revive[by teleporter C]) Black Ops 3 The Giant once again had all 4 question marks, in the same locations as the original. I also noticed something that's probably a coincidence, but knowing Treyarch, maybe not. On The Giant loading screen, the labels for teleporter A, teleporter B, and teleporter C are all underlined. If you look at the yellow line under Teleporter A, it traces a path from the window barrier to the Die Glocke circle, an exact straight shot to activate the Fly Trap EE. The yellow line under Teleporter B leads from the little balcony to the hanged man. Straight shot, again. Teleporter C yellow line has me beat though, goes through a wall. Any thoughts or insight on any of this?
  4. Thequestion marks

    I thought cause the perks are random, but there's more than 4. Maybe a cypher, code, but there's ones without a ? near them...