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  1. Here the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowQFc7hOAZZRRr4uIn-7gg I am Mr Phoenix, I am just sorry that it is in Italian
  2. Hello to everyone I finally opened my youtube channel with my friends, I would need some Shi No Numa gameplay for some videos I have in mind but I have no way to record from ps3 Could someone of you all pls record 10-15 mins gameplay on Shi No Numa 4 me pls? of course I will credit you at the end of videos even if they will be in Italian :)
  3. Hello everyone friends, I am back here with a new question. Last days I am really focused on understanding more about Peter McCain and I wanna ask, could be possible that by World at War to BO3 we have seen 3 different Peter McCain? let me explain The 1st very Peter appearance is in Shi No Numa in WAW where we seen his body hanging. Then during time we had cyphers and various audio files about him till we finally seen him again in BO3, in the Gorod Krovi intro scene. We all were wondering how's Peter in Gorod Krovi? Answer is he maybe is there bcs when jumping from plane he gone through a portal who got him in Gorod Krovi. Till here everything normal, we have 2 universe, one where he lands in Shi No Numa dying and one where he lands in Gorod Krovi safe. Then we have a 3rd time where we see Peter, the Revelations recap trailer. So I asked to myself, how Peter reached Revelations now? I mean we seen Original 4 reach Revelations trough the classic teleport machine but Peter is not with them. And during the intro we see Richtofen and Maxis destroy teleport machine, so he can not have been reaching Revelations in this way. Continuing the Revelations intro scene we see that the Shadowman generates chaos making appear these islands all close and one of these is Verruckt where Peter have been. This could be how Peter reached Revelations then, he is in Verruckt and he has been teleported with a piece of Verruckt map. But then he can not be the same Peter we see in Gorod Krovi bcs Peter jumps from plane AFTER Verruckt when he supposed to land in Shi No Numa... so the Peter of Gorod Krovi already left Verruckt and if so he could have never been teleported with it by Shadowman. Do I make sense? What you all think?
  4. I think DLC 5 is not something impossible but I also believe that if they will give us DLC 5 it will be in a different way than how we expect. It could be next yr (2018) with the new call of duty by treyarch. If they will put in the new game new zombie's maps or remastered who will still be linked to the main story here we have our DLC 5. I was thinking about possible dates for the release of this DLC 5, right now it would not make any sense bcs we still have the comic book going so I thought maybe when comic book is over but this will be very close the release of the new Call of Duty ww2 and since is a delicate moment I think they will leave space and focus to the new CoD. If we will have a DLC 5 this will be after CoD ww2 right when treyarch will drop the new game.
  5. Hello to everyone, Dark horse comics has released 3 pages for the upcoming issue #4 of the comic book what you all think? I am very curious to know about the area they are exploring. Plus in this issue it seems we can finally read conversations between Stuhlinger and Richtofen, maybe Treyarch will reveal us something very important trough them?
  6. @anonymous this one, the poster of BO3 zombie when game was released
  7. Seems cool, I am not sure if he is a human or some kind of infected or maybe primitive creature, but if you use any program like photoshop and lighten your screenshot he shows human eyes like confirmed in the above artwork I am not playing IW zombies but I think they doing a nice work
  8. So all this was just a mod boring
  9. Can I ask from where this pic comes from?
  10. Man do you have idea of how much this image exciting me? this is something amazing, the release of DLC5 itself would be awesome and the remake of my favorite map as well would be legend very cool topic thank you!
  11. Thank you very much 4 the mention! I am honored, and proud to be part of this community!
  12. One other observation: we know that the Richtofen crew goes there in Alcatraz to recover the blood samples from MOTD crew, but actually if I'm right it wasn't told to us the exact process of how they gets this blood. How about if in these pods (that as @anonymous said they seem be active) there are Weasel and the others?
  13. Keeping think about this loading screen I had some new questions and theories, in the MOTD intro we see the guard Stanley Ferguson in its human aspect visiting the prisoners then as we all know the Weasel (if I'm right) strikes him killing him or so. The crew gets off their cells and they are now ready to escape but they are stopped by the return of same Ferguson that now have a zombie aspect. The ways we know to become a zombie in the Treayrch universe are be exposed to element 115, be infected by other zombies or be in any kind of contact with them. But he don't seems do nothing of all that, he just gets killed and then stand up as zombie. I wonder how he became a zombie? In this loading screen we see him do some kind of ritual and in the map as well we have table set for rituals so we assume he used do these rituals also before that we all play MOTD. Is maybe trough these rituals that he's got zombies features? since he also looks like a special zombie not only 4 its power but also the fact that he can speak it makes me think that its zombification process happened in a different way. What you all think?
  14. @anonymous yes we have this timeline by 1964 to 1943 so by Ascension to Gorod and in Gorod is right where we find Gersch again. So it could be him as well but we find him as ethereal version while in the loading screen we see a man in its human body go across the portal.. So talking about these 2 characters we have little more informations about Gersch, we know he was trapped in the Gersch device by Yuri and we also know that we can free him trough the Ascension ee. Then we know he find its home there in Gorod where we catch him for Sophia. The fact that we know less about Yuri could be one more proof that the man in the screen could be him bcs everything is open about his actions and destiny. You mentioned the fact that he not yell for help during Ascension, maybe the answer is bcs he's not there anymore but he maybe is traveling how we see in the loading screens? If we analyze the Ascension loading screen again we could divide it in two sides: - LEFT SIDE before he trapped Gersch, we can see him still working about rockets. - RIGHT SIDE after he trapped Gersch, we notice that the cages who kept monkeys are empty so it maybe means that this is after rockets test and so after he opened the Gersch device. So after that episode he maybe teleported himself somewhere else and that's why when we play Ascension we don't find him there. One other small proof is that hearing the registrations from Ascension we can notice how Yuri's voice sounds younger than the one of Gersch, so if the man in these screens is Gersch it should look a little older while the voice of Yuri could fit better the ages of this mysterious man. Juste theories nothing sure :) Also I wanna ask the opinion of you all about this thing that I have noticed (look the attached pic). Could that sign be that same that we see on walls in Kino and Ascension? (who represent the character of bo3 zombies launch poster)
  15. Yes I been thinking about that many times, that story is not ended yet, that in future treyarch still could give us something where restart this story or continue it. I don't know if personally I would like that, more than have new stuff to deal with I'd rather they give us something like remastered maps where we can find answers about the open questions

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