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  1. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    For my video I submitted for challenge 2 in the beginning I started a game and then stopped and restarted a game so I could time it, which is why my video of the submission is 19 minutes long. I stopped at 15 minutes when I played the second game.
  2. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    Okay, so for this months tournament at first I was active and participated in the first few challenges. Then we had challenges for the first Black ops, which is on the Playstation 3 and I didn't have a capture card to record my gameplay, but I have one now. I stopped participating in the tournament for this month because I fell behind and couldn't record. I am wondering if I have to sign up for the next month or will I be on there because I was in the previous?
  3. The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    I am a little confused. So we play and do whatever the rules are and then submit our full game footage? like if i upload it to youtube I just send the link in?