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  1. Attention all Waw players!

    Hey there. Welcome. I am not sure if this goes here, or else where, but. Here it is! To all WaW players, and those who still play it. I've created a discord that's going to be dedicated to Waw (1) zombies. And if you'd like to join? Then here you are! https://discord.gg/HrZCm72 I hope this works out for the best, for all players and zombie fans alike!
  2. Hey! To those that know enjoyed 'Exo Zombies', I am sure you'll come to enjoy this video. No-- Before you leave. IT isn't a montage, or how good or fun killing zombies are. Nope! --- Its a fan made trailer (Unattentionally). Check it out! I'm sure you'll come to find it rather epic, or damning. ^.^ I've created another video, if you'd be so happy to check it out!