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  1. Dr. Monty

    Box teddy bear sound and it taking everything

    it just happened to me when playing SOE on PC after getting revived
  2. Dr. Monty

    "The Paradox Must be Resolved. The Loop Must be Closed."

    Now we can take this into consideration with Revelations The loop must be closed the cycle must be broken. I know most of you probably heard this millions of times in videos or whatever but We Failed PRIMIS Failed if you look at the ending a different way then when it said "The End" it was the end of that storyline and that cycle, and the cycle starts a new i know you all remember that a cycle was in the storyline once before with Mob of the Dead. In fact Monty is evil he restarted the loop as much as i would love to keep going i don't want to repeat things others have said.
  3. Dr. Monty

    Revelations Prologue

    This trailer is amazing i am still in shock about it, The shadow man has returned which we all saw was coming but we didn't know when and maxis fcked up big time.
  4. I think that the Blood vials from the Tranzit crew as that's what the specimens who were mentioned in the Cipher had themselves and their blood vials Scattered and the origins crew had to go to the different locations to get the vials of the Tranzit crew. You got to remember that origins richtofen went searching for the summoning key and the kronorium which we found out was a book and he visited the tranzit crew along his journey.
  5. Finally the lab is almost complete. Security measures have been put in place so the chance of detection by the Americans is very unlikely. We also have several agents embedded with the staff as insurance. We will keep the individuals in stasis, on ice to speak, and continue the specimen rotation once we finish drawing more power from the drill. Oh, I almost forgot, the sequencing for the current blood samples is as follows: SSMJABR Another note: I watched the Memory segement back and he did say Changed not change.
  6. So as we know the Dr Monty thing was released and we know he is a person but thats not why i made this topic i made this topic to talk about the most important thing he said in my mind in the segment the line i am referring to is this one "You Changed the rules" that has been bothering me ever since i first watched a reaction by Mrrolfwaffles(Damn me to hell if i spelled it wrong) and i just wonder, Did Monty actually have rules set up for this whole thing from the start of the zombies mode? Did he have rules set up for the origins crew?

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