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  1. I have just found something interesting. The women that talks in Shangri-la radios is called Sally or something like that. https://soundcloud.com/funmw2/vox-gene-sall-shangri-log-4-8 Is this a coincidence or is this Sally from IW Zombies ? Incase the link doesn't work, she says:
  2. US have Broken Arrow, an organization that is similar to Group 935. However thanks to a cipher in Gorod Krovi, we know that Group 935 have staff members in Broken Arrow which means they have influence over that organization. This cipher is clearly talking about Broken Arrow as it mentions the Americans and the drill. Not to mention our Tranzit Crew, SS = Samuel Stuhlinger, MJ = Marlton Johnson, AB = Abigail Briarton (Misty), R = Russman. What's also interesting is: Harvey is talking about the password which is KRONOS (Kronorium) and it's related to Die Glocke research. It doesn't stop here, Sophia mentioned that Maxis told her of a plan and that plan involved Broken Arrow. This Maxis is the same one we hear in Revelations audio reels. The one who made Sophia a robot to save her. By mentioning Broken Arrow, I'm sure he is talking about Die Glocke research which Harvey mentioned it's capable of time displacement and movement across dimensions. We know the Tranzit crew ends up in Broken Arrow. "lab-grown monstrosities inside" which confirms what I said about the cipher referring to the lab in Broken Arrow.
  3. This is the last page of the first issue of the comic. If you look carefully at the device, you would notice it looks similar to the Bell or Die Glocke. It makes sense with Harvey letter from Gorod Krovi Die Glocke research had to do something with Nuketown. What do you think ?
  4. Is it me or this cipher is describing the events after Revelations EE ? Richtofen says that the war is in the infinity (SOE scrap) and Revelations is the infinity or the aether or the reality beyond. This cipher makes sense with how we end up becoming PRIMIS in the end. It's like from that moment we become the wards of all universes, but the cipher continue to show that the Apothicons will return. Makes even more sense with how the Shadow Man says that PRIMIS will fail at stopping them. "Many others have failed", is he referring to other versions similar to us that tried to stop him ?
  5. Hmmm, it's getting complicated But wait, that unknown woman mention an agent with research about time travel and different dimensions and stories about our Origins characters. What if that agent is Mr.Rapt aka Shadow Man ? (static) = "I'm not even sure what he's getting into" ?
  6. That doesn't makes sense with this cipher if they went backwards. "killing all on board including the famous explorers Brock and Gary". Brock and Gary aren't the only members of the expedition crew. "This comes weeks after their announcement about the location of Shangri-La" They announced the location weeks before the flight in the new timeline, they can't be from the 2000s. Like I said, I believe they have been travelled through time and space as the cipher says "freak atmospheric event". They survived the crash, people near the area saw the plane and found the survivors and arrested them and questioned them. Which is why that cipher in GK feels like someone is being questioned.
  7. I made a reddit post not so long ago about this cipher from Gorod Krovi: Thanks to @LemonSQ33ZY as he knows how to speak Zulu, this is better translation than Google. As google mention it as "strange plane" when it's "strange flight". Anyway I believe this is a letter from Brock and Gary as their plane crashed and somehow travelled through time and space and found themselves in Shangri-la post 2000s. What do you think about it ?
  8. Not to mention he have to manipulate things, like he didn't actually create the perks.
  9. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Revelations_(map)/Radios_and_Wisps#Aduio_Reel_.233
  10. So this quote is interesting. It's not the "Apothicon Sun", nah it's the line where it says "Your spirit will be absorbed into ..etc" Does this means that 115 is the spark of life (the purest form of energy that ever existed) ? Is the "Apothicon Sun" a big ball of life forces from all the dimensions the Apothicons absorbed or destroyed ? This could explain something about the situation of Samantha and how she ended up talking with Origins Maxis and the crew.
  11. Hmm, does that means sophia could be another problem that could corrupt the universe ? I mean it started with Maxis when he was only a brain and that drone protected him from the influence of element 115. Now she is only a brain just like Maxis and we helped her gain the information she need in Gorod Krovi.
  12. In DE, there's a book with the title "The Evil Archon", clearly a reference to the Shadow Man. I did some research about the "Archons", the results: What if the Apothicons are Archons but they emerged after the corruption of the Dark Aether ?
  13. So I was right with my theory about Agartha being the Dark Aether. Well saying I was right doesn't mean anything as it's just a theory ... Anyway the blue glowing ball could be the "Black Sun" or "Central Sun" or let's say "Earth Core". "banished to the dark Aether beneath creation ". Beneath Creation means below Earth, which explains why Buried Maxis wanted to destroy the earth and why when you help Richtofen in Buried then a code will proceed to stop the meteors from falling. Rocks happened to roam around earth thanks to Maxis launching rockets from Moon which destroyed the Earth surface. Using the towers that use the Aether energy, Maxis created magnetic fields around earth to have the rocks smash into it. In another topic, this explains how the heck does Apothicons knows that 115 will hit earth and cause chaos because the energy absorbed from that blue glowing thing or lets say the Earth core tends to return to its source. So Apothicons send those little 115 rocks into other dimensions and it smashs into that realm earth because it tries to return to the core. However it won't succeed in doing that because it's not powerful enough to destroy the earth surface, it remains at the surface until Group 935 finds it. What do you guys think ? EDIT: All I said remains a theory and would like to discuss it with you.
  14. I found something interesting in the coding, when you choose Richtofen and finish all the steps then this function will be requested. meteors_stop_falling() This doesn't appear when you choose Maxis so it means he destroyed the earth with meteors.
  15. The forest is a strange place as well. Zombies wandering around without attacking our characters and it's the place where our characters remember their memories. I feel like it's within the aether. Not to mention it's where our characters met Dr Monty personally thanks to the recent trailer. When zombies are killed, they return to the Aether. The Aether is a place where it's connected to every realm as proven by this cipher in GK. Keepers use the energy of the Aether to travel between dimensions. According to Monty trailer, the aether is dark so it's the dark aether. That could be the reason the Forest is always dark. The Blood Vials are interesting, a new theory appeared that claims Monty is the Weasel from MOTD who escaped ... somehow he became omnipotent. Monty is the one who created the mystery box and gobblegums and almost everything. Incase you don't know VR-11 from Call of the Dead uses blood vials as ammo cartridges to turn zombies back into humans. However the humans that return to life depends on the blood you use, that's why everytime you shoot a zombie in COTD with VR-11, he transforms into a CIA agent as the blood vials used belongs to CIA agents. So what if our mission is to summon the MOTD crew (Sal, Finn, Billy) by using VR-11 and then let them kill the Weasel to erase everything Monty created ? It could explain why Monty only speaks to Takeo, Dempsey, Nikolai and ignore Richtofen.

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