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    S/O Thread To Our Favourite Lurkers

    World At War had to be my first treyarch zombies installment My favorite Zombies map has to be Buried because that map had everything you could ever of wanted in a zombies map it had a great Easter egg even tho it was annoying you had 2 sides of the Easter egg Maxis Or Richthofen the Paralyzer was the best weapon it was so much fun to use and it will be the best feeling when you pull it out of the box If i had a favorite wall weapon it would have to be the Thompson it was such a good gun it had some recoil problems but the ammo count was Amazing and it will just slay zombies especially in mob of the dead, That would be my go to gun every time i play that map and pack a punching it will always be my first priority. My favorite Easter Egg of all time has to be Origins it was just a great way to end the map and their was so many questions behind the ending cut scene with eddy and Samantha that map alone had the biggest controversy. My favorite thing to research about the zombies story line is the story line we are currently involved with i love discussing my thoughts on the keepers and the time between our characters and the whole dilemma with the Blood Vials and the time our characters are in and how time can effect future and present Etc......

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