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  1. Likeliness of an All-zombies DLC.

    Honestly, I would LOVE an all zombies game. Screw Advanced Warfare, we ought to have Zombie Warfare!!! That should be Treyarch's next game. Have the campaign be centered around Zombies, moving from map to map, Multiplayer could include something like grief mode and some other objective-based zombies things. I think it would be freaking awesome. The problem is that they don't have the guts to do it, since they're too worried about copy and pasting successful games... Oh well... I can dream!
  2. Camping and training.

    If you've got a couple good players, it's SUPER easy to camp next to Quick Revive and never open that door. You can survive forever there, really the only limiting factor is ammo. On solo it's pretty easy too if you've got the Storm Bow.
  3. Der Eisendrache all high round strategies! Updated 3/15/16

    Pretty cool ideas here. If I'm going for a really high round I usually end up camping next to Quick Revive and keeping that door closed. Maybe that's lame, but I've been to round 37 with ease. Only died because I ran out of ammo. Anyone got any good tips for getting ammo on high rounds? I didn't have Mule Kick, maybe that would make it easier since I could have a third gun (more ammo). Any thoughts? Btw, I just did a really unusual challenge on my YouTube channel on Der Eisendrache. It's called the "NO KILL" Challenge. Check it out!