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  1. Why can't all ps4 accounts access the dlc gobblegum?

    I have the same problem my brother wanted the 115 and cyborg camos so we downloaded it on his account and now I can't use the dlc GG but they weren't that interesting anyway.
  2. Which multiplayer map would you base a zombie map on?

    I would like to see splash as a zombie map with the water replaced with blood and everything is broken down. I would also like to see Redwood with a more darker and creepier vibe and a little bit of fog.
  3. What are your last minute predictions for DLC 2?

    Takeo might be seperated from the group and might spawn in a different starting room and can only be united until power is on like in verruckt how half the group was spilt up.
  4. The weapons we have in this game is the lowest out of all the games and I'm getting bored with playing with the same weapons. Do you think we will have black market weapons has there been any hints of it in the code?