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  1. liamcurtis1718

    Is This the TranZit of BO3 to You?

    a lot of hate is because for the base map it is hard for people new to zombies and the public games were awful like the pap people would pick up the items and not do rituals though thats been fixed now i love the map and look forward to see what other EEs it might have
  2. liamcurtis1718

    Anyway to guarentee the wonder weapon parts to drop?

    so if you got the "heart" at the PAP ritual or when a margwa spawns in normally, the "Upgrade_Ready" Quote could possibly be different?
  3. liamcurtis1718

    Anyway to guarentee the wonder weapon parts to drop?

    since the xenomatter spawns randomly, could be round 14 or 30, best way to make it spawn is the flag step where you get infinite balls and just camp outside neros ritual at the top so you dont get overwhelmed and you should get it

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