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  1. So... Death machine

    Very interesting. Thanks!
  2. So... Death machine

    It doesn't really make sense to me either. I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever had it drop during a no power run. I guess I'm just trying to track all the differences with power off and on. Should I ask this in a different place? Sorry to hijack the thread.
  3. So... Death machine

    So I've been trying to chart the probability of getting the death machine. Runs with power and without. For the runs with power I always turn the power on at round 3. The earliest I've seen a death machine is round four and the latest was round 8. I have never had a random death machine spawn while the power is off. Is this just my game or does anyone else have any issues with the death machine? *I usually die between 16-20 without power.
  4. So... Death machine

    Oh fer sure.
  5. So... Death machine

    On the giant, Have you guys gotten the death machine before turning on the power? I seem to always get it immediately after turning the power on.
  6. N/A

    I have all the dlc for black Ops 1 on ps3 and the dlc for black ops3 on ps4. Ill help with what I can.
  7. "TheGiant" Cipher

    If you enter the first part of the cipher, kCmlgFi6GUJNgkNl1, into a cryptogram solver the words TUSCANY ADRIATIC come out. Tuscany is very close to the Adriatic sea so it kind of makes sense. Maybe these are the first two words to the cipher? Can these letters be used to solve the rest of it?