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  1. Scrap paper is back !

    AWESOME!!!!!! I was having a hard time putting it together.
  2. Scrap paper is back !

    I'm working on it
  3. Scrap paper is back !

    I'm working on getting perfect pictures the ones I have now are not that great
  4. Scrap paper is back !

    1. Crate across from double tap 2. Below globe in Edwardsroom 3. Across from speedcola 4. Table near pyramid in undercroft 5. Teleporter room opposite side of void skull 6. Juge room left of mystery box 7. All the way at the bottom of the stairs under the first dragon in front of the window 8. Behind second lamp you have to fill for the electric bow (above double tap) 9. In wondersphere at rocket lunch 10. In trophy room to the left when walking down the stairs in between desk and couch
  5. Scrap paper is back !

    I have found all 8 scraps of paper