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  1. Scrap paper is back !

    Not mine but here you go, along with the translation 我が敬愛なる陸下へ For my beloved and respected majesty 最後に御下令を頂戴してから数ヶ月が経ち、今や思案に余る状況であると言わざるを得ません It has been several months since we last received orders, and I cannot help but inform you, that I am at my wits end 島に着陸してから、愚輩(?)は第九師団の活動内容の記録と監視を続けて参りました。しかしながら、御身直属であるにもかかわらず、部隊は我が意図に疑いの目を向け、挙句の果てに大半の研究区域への出入りを禁じております。 Since we landed on the island, the 愚輩? ("Group of foolish people"? Reading through it, I believe this is the writer's group) has been continuing inspection and recording of the activities carried out by the 9th Division. Nevertheless, in spite of mine being under your majesty's direct control, the troop has begun questioning my will, to which end I am now restricting entry and exit from the majority of the research areas ここ最近も状況は悪化の一途を辿ればかりでおり、施設の司令官が我が滞在期間中、武器を渡すよう、命じてきました。御身の著名と印付きの治安維持命令を提示されていなければ、異を唱えていたことでしょう。御身のお考えに疑いを抱いたことは一度たりともございませんが、こうした要因が我が使命を大きく妨げる事態に懸念を感じております。 Even now the situation is only becoming worse. The commanding officers of the facility (/facilities) ordered me to have over my weapons throughout the duration of my stay. Had I not been shown the order to maintain security, for marked with Your Majesty's seal, I would no doubt have voiced my objections. Never once have I brought even a shred upon Your Majesty's judgement, I feel concerned that these factors may pose a great hindrance to my mission. 我らの大義と最終的な勝利に向けた同盟の重要性は心得ておりますが、九三五部隊と呼ばれるヤ(?)イツ軍作戦部隊の影響は、次第に悩みの種となるばかりです。ここ数ヶ月、先方の士官らの数が増しており、計画を突き動かしているのは、あの者(?)らであると考えずにはいられません I am well aware of how crucial the alliance, is to our great cause, and eventual triumph, however, the influence of the (Special) forces operation group named troop 935, has increasingly become nothing but a cause for annoyance/worry. For many months here, the numbers of officers in the other party is increasing, and I cannot help but think that it is they, who are spurring on the plan(s) (It's not clear whose or what plan) 見てきた限り、第九師団の研究は常識の域を遥かに超えています。事実、その常軌を逸した武器研究方法は「異常」としか形容できぬものです。捕虜を人体実験に使用しているのみならず、部隊はエレメント二五に秘められた超自然的な力を制御しようと?みているため、このまま好きにさせておけば、我が国家の将来に暗雲をもたらす脅威となりかねません。 As I have been able to discern, the research carried out by the 9th Division was far beyond the realm of accepted practice. In truth, I can't describe those aberrant weapons research methods as anything but "Abnormal". Not only were they utilizing prisoners of war as mere guinea pigs, the troop is trying to control the supernatural powers hidden within Element 25. On these grounds I feel that if we allow them to do as they please, dark clouds loom ominously ahead for our great nation 愚輩は制限された状況の中で、可能な限り監視と報告を続けていく所有でございますが、畏れながら、第九師団の計画が意図するところを十分に理解し、??の??にもたらす影響を図り知るためには、御身の直接的な介入が欠かせないものと考えております。 The 愚輩(foolish battalion? Again I am not sure) is doing its utmost to continue observing and reporting in, but with all due respect, we are well aware of what the Ninth Division is plotting, and in order to fathom the extent of the influence of the ?? of the ??, I deem your Majesty's direct influence to be absolutely essential. 何卒、御伝令を竭(?)りますようお願い申し上げます。 {I beg of you/If it pleases you}, I hope you will find it in you to respond to my humble request 忠実なるしもべ Your devoted servant Masaki Takeo
  2. Scrap paper is back !

    This is what I have so far. The guys over at /r/translator have helped me to get this so far: 我が敬意なる陛下へ 最後にご下命を頂戴してから数ヶ月が経ち、 島に到着してから、愚輩は第九師団の活動 To My [Beloved] Emperor, Several months having passed since I last received an order from you, After I arrived at the island, my foolish self [unknown verb] the movements of the Ninth Division... both of these posts can be found here and here LET'S SOLVE IT TOGETHER GUYS!