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  1. Solo EE only needs one bow??

    You need all bows, but you can start the EE and go to the gatekeeper part with just one.
  2. Main Easteregg - Bugged final cutscene (SPOILER ALERT)

    It was pretty awkward. It seemed like the game was coming to an end, since there were no zombies spawning, we could not continue the game or complete the EE. We stuck around squaring everything in the map for about 30 minutes and then we just left. Heartbroken. So much work for so little in return..
  3. Me and 3 other players were finishing the Main Easteregg on Eisendrache, and when we put the summoning key in the computer, the rockets fired towards the moon and blew it up. We were all waiting for the infamous ending cutscene, but i did not show up. It seemed like the game was "done", no zombies, no nothing. Just a blown up moon, complete silence. I am positive that we did all the steps proper, and we got to the final boss in round 20. I don`t know how to fix this bug, or how to avoid it. Does anyone have opinions about this? Has it occured in others eastereggs, or are we the only ones experiencing this? I really need some advice or information about this, since i am really eager for this EE/achievement to be completed. Thanks.