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    Origins Solo Strategy Guide!

    I know I'm late, maybe you know that this strategy is outdated but I still have to point some fails on this. Overall it's a decent strategy but have some troubles, and it's not an advanced guide as you said, yes you need to know almost everything but it's not that advanced. 1- Unnecessary perk and weapon. I'm serious, the only reason to buy guns in this map is if you need some extra points in the beginning, so you get the M14. Once you grab any staff the only complemental weapon is the Boomhilda. 2- Buildables too late. You start building the shield and the Drone too late, rounds 8 to 10. If know how to do you can make the shield on round 2 and the Maxis Drone on round 4 or 5 (depending when u open the PaP). 3- Perks too soon. You spend early points in unnecessary perks, OK some time you have to get Jugg and Revive... but not on round 1. If u try to play more risky early by letting Jugg and QR away you can make things a lot faster and since its a low round (2 or 3) you won't be that risky. You also cool improve later strategy but it's not a necessary thing. Any questions ask me on PS3, Bigode935. (Yes I'm not used to write in english :P)

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