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  1. How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    This I found very interesting. I looked in the audio files of Black Ops 3, and found this exact thing. But it isn't what you expect. The quote "Zornash, Nar'Orujja Zornash" is titled vox_idgun1_upgrade_ready_2, hinting to a completed step and not a gun specific quote. The quote "Zoroth Ortoho" is also an upgrade ready file, named vox_idgun1_upgrade_ready_0, also hinting to steps completed. Before you think "Well, could the numbers just mean they are cues for different guns?" Let me explain. There are 4 audio cues, named vox_idgun1_upgrade_ready_0, vox_idgun1_upgrade_ready_1, vox_idgun1_upgrade_ready_2, and vox_idgun1_upgrade_complete_0. Clearly debunks the theory of there being a quote per gun. What this potentially means, is that you did a step towards upgrading. The two audio cues you didn't receive make much less sense, and I have listened to them over 200 times trying to translate or make some sense of it.