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  1. Bootlegger

    Does anyone know why you cannot upgrade the bootlegger and add attachments... Feel like there has to be a reason for this.
  2. Are 4 Players required for the SoE Easter Egg?

    Awesome thanks everyone... anyone interested in doing EE tonight? We have 3 need a fourth!
  3. Are 4 Players required for the SoE Easter Egg?

    any answer to this? i am going to play tonight and same way have 1 or 2 friends who play seriously and want to attempt easter egg
  4. Can more than one person get the Wonder Weapon in SoE?

    what if two people build it at the same time at either two different benches or the same one? or grab it at the same time?
  5. Easter egg requirements

    Just a quick question- do you need 4 players to complete the Easter egg concerning he flag, giant worm, and what not? A buddy and I play co op (sometimes with 3, rarely 4)... Just figuring out some of the stuff and excited to try it, but don't want to waste time if I can't complete t. Thanks!