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  1. JackTTR


    I never owned WaW and I only bought First Strike for BO1 I never played Origins either :c , I stopped playing zombies shortly after buried came out
  2. JackTTR

    Anyone elso can't find the Der Eisendrache theme?

    It's only for US, Europe doesn't get it, it sucks D:
  3. JackTTR

    2 players; Richtofen

    Ever since I got The Giant I've played as Tank once (on my first game) and after that I've had nothing but richtofen, even on pubs.
  4. JackTTR


    @Lenne I have spent the most of my zombies time on MoTD, I simply adore that map. (It's the only one I have completed an EE on too.) Shamefully I admit that I have never played the original WaW maps or any of the BO1 DLC maps (aside from ascension, which I didnt like)
  5. JackTTR


    Hi! I'm Jack, I've been playing zombies since BO2 and I'm hoping my time here will allow me to improve :D

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