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  1. How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    My thoughts exactly, they included this 3 seconds into the video to guide us with the easter egg. If we are able to replicate the steps shown in the names, then maybe we may get closer to unlocking this mystery
  2. How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Using the now known new language from the dlc preview we can discover what the 4 names to the apothican servant really says. The only problem is that all the names are still not shown. But a fair bit are. As you can see in the picture below it says extended carving (hints, carvings, etc.) This means that a couple of symbols and words are still not shown. So when I type unknown, that means that it is probably a symbol not shown yet. Or it means that the name is just cut down in the name of the gun. Example (Kor-maroth) can be extended into (Koroth-Margwa) Normal In-game names not upgraded. 1. Kor-Maroth 2. Mar-Astagua 3. Nar-Ullaqua 4. Lor-Zarozzor Not Upgraded Translated 1. Elemental-Margwa 2. Margwa-Spend 3. Id Gun-Consume 4. Survive-Transform Now, although this can be a bit messy of a translation. If we think about it, some of it makes sense. Such as 3. It means, using the Apothicon Servant, and getting kills with it. And the thing is, we already know this. After around 10 kills with this name of the gun. The you get the voice saying whatever it says. Now with 2. I think you have to kill a margwa and then spen a certain amount of points. But remember this is just speculation. Now onto the upgraded names. Normal In-game names upgraded. 1. Kor-Maroth-Arbgwaoth 2. Mar-Astagua-Arbgwaoth 3. Nar-Ullaqua-Arbgwaoth 4. Lor-Zarozzor-Arbgwaoth Upgraded Translated 1. Elemental-Margwa-Powerup 2. Margwa-Spend-Powerup 3. Id Gun-Consume-Powerup 4. Survive-Transform-Powerup Ok, I still dont get it. But this is everything translated with the new apothican language. Remember, some of the words are cut off in that screen so things like Mar may not mean Margwa. But I am just using what I have.