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  1. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Hey, I think the Easter Egg is done. They wouldn't put out a map only some people can get and then put in a storyline Easter Egg. It doesn't make sense to do that. I think that the Flytrap was as far as it went as far as story Easter Eggs. Lighting the beacon for Maxis is a good way to set up the DLC without giving a whole new eccentric story to start off right along side of Shadows of Evil. Having to big Easter Eggs right along side each other at the same time would be a bit much in my opinion. So long story short, my belief is, again, that Treyarch wanted to give us a small start to set up the DLC maps. Having the beacon lit is a great way to set us up for Der Eisendrachon. It doesn't, like I said, overshadow Shadows of Evil to much, but gives us a nice boost into the story for the next year. Leave any thoughts on my statement that you have, I'd love some feedback from you all about it.
  2. I found somthing Reply ASAP plz

    Yeah, thanks for bringing that up. The perk easter egg, I believe, was just a fun extra one they put in there for us. As far as storyline goes though, I believe that the Flytrap was it.
  3. I found somthing Reply ASAP plz

    Hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure the extent of the The Giant easter egg was to do the classic Fly Trap easter egg. Doing that "lit the beacon" so Maxis could arrange your extraction off the map. Treyarch could not make a full easter egg for the map since it was only for certain versions of the game. If they did, not everyone could do the easter egg. The Giant was just a way to set up the storyline for future DLC. It was a good try though man.