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  1. There is only 1 set of the 04

    I wonder if it's because they've been there a while? Like they're in a loop until they break the cycle ? Like MOTD. I wonder if every dimension is repeating itself until the cycle is broken, and that's what meands the rift
  2. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    I'm new to the forum so I don't know if anyone else has considered this... I have a theory? for the giant easter egg next step. What if the character you're playing as has to have the gun they are using in the trailer? I thought about this because of the names given to the guns once they're PAP'd. The KN44 is called "annointed avenger" which richtofen holds. The argus is called "ancient messenger" which nikolai holds. The MR6 becomes "death & taxes" which dempsey holds (duel wield). Now, takeo holds the MR6 too before obviously pulling out his katana. But (clue or not) the SVG-100 becomes "ikken hissatsu" which i believe translates from japanese to english as "seemingly mortal" and is a term used in karate meaning "to annihilate at one blow". So i'm wondering if you all need those weapons then have to teleport together from one of the teleporters or have to all go down at the same time by holding a grenade. Just a theory anyway...