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  1. zaldiar

    6 teddie bears not 3?

    Oh Ok. thank's dude ! ;)
  2. zaldiar

    6 teddie bears not 3?

    Really weird ... Anyway, have a nice hunt guys ! Oo Zaldiar oO : my gamertag Etrange (3)short.mp4
  3. zaldiar

    SoE Easter Egg

    Ok ! Merci beaucoup pour cette information, cela m'éclaire sur le sujet au moins. Et merci pour la réponse en Français (je n'ai pas trop confiance en mon Anglais) A bientôt !
  4. zaldiar

    6 teddie bears not 3?

    Hi guys ! (I'm French, so please, forgive my bad bad English...) Look, i was running on the map, feeling the zombie's breath on my neck, then i turned back and tried to blow up his leggs with a grenade, just opposit the PaP. I think grenades are importants because a red Flashlight appeared when the explosion touched me and the zombie at the same time, with a short part of music. Music like an old russian's red army's song. I made a short video on my Xbox but can't post it here because it's to large. Hope it can help to progess! Like your Work ;)
  5. zaldiar

    SoE Easter Egg

    Hi guys! Good work everybody! I think i found Something intersting a few weeks ago, Under stairs in the canal. I don't know, but i hope it can help for the next step, because the EE IS NOT completed. Have a nice hunt !

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