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  1. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    I've been thinking. Let's think of all the zombie maps. Which ones really had the major Easter eggs? Ascension, moon, origins, etc. they are really big maps and have a lot of area for Easter egg activity. Think of Kino, five, etc. no major ee, but little ones because there isn't a lot of area to search and have a huge story. Just little radio messages here and there to give you a little backstory. That's my thought, but as always I will continue to search and look for answers. I just don't think the giant is a big enough map for a major Easter egg. Thoughts?
  2. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    I just watched one of iowagaming's youtube video. He is a joke. Talking about he found an easter egg in the moon by shooting it with the raygun.and it gets brighter. Its stupid. He doesn't pay attention to what goes on in the game. Like I said, the moon gets brighter on dog rounds and I have seen it brighter on other rounds too.
  3. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    where did you find these about the map?
  4. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    I don't know anymore. I try to find stuff when I play solo and I seem to get bored or just don't know where to look anymore. Its hard solo trying to distract zombies and try to search. Ill continue to look, but as of now I'm kind of at a stand still. Maybe there is nothing more. Only thing I see is the moon is brighter in some rounds than others. I know the moon goes bright when dogs come, but the moon also goes bright randomly in other rounds. That's the only thing I see that maybe could help.
  5. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    That pic looks like a hidden radio message possibly. Try hitting X or square near it possibly? I'll be hopping on xbone here in about an hour, feel free to add me and we'll try some things. CommieJewBag
  6. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Maybe its like launch, when the monkey round comes, the buttons appear, maybe something happens during the dog rounds?
  7. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Yes, your right. Im thinking of Launch then.
  8. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Ive noticed the moon too. Usually when dogs come it will change. But, I have seen it get brighter and then go away and come back. Its weird when it happens. I don't know if it means anything. And I do agree with the 4 people, I remember on Moon, you needed 4 players to do the EE because you needed to hit the switches at the same time.
  9. I don't believe the easter egg is done yet...

    Hey guys, I'm a huge zombies fan and Ive been trying to figure stuff out as well. I have found some secret radio messages around the map. The one I accidently found is up by the window on the cat walk in the back or the camping spot. I only caught pieces of it as I was blasting away with the ray gun, but what I heard was talking about subjects and space. So, I think it was talking about the Moon zombies. There are a couple more I found as well, but would be difficult to describe. I also, found a shadow of a teddy bear. At the start point, if you go to the right boarded up window and look out, you'll the see the shadow on the left wall. I tried shooting and nothing happened. Maybe its for more of the ee? I don't know. I thought about this theory as well. Zombies story all started at Der Riese, so what if the characters are going back in time to redo everything they did? Just a thought. Let me know if anyone else found these radio messages or have seen the shadow of the bear. Also, I was thinking maybe there is something you need to shoot with the special weapon you acquire. And what is the weapon you guys are talking about to PAP?